A Friendly Face Akademy is comprised of New York State Licensed Clinicians who are Board Certified Behavioral Analysts with the experience and skills necessary to properly train educators on Autism Spectrum Disorder, and how to utilize the principles Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in the classroom to give both student and teacher the best chance to thrive.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, the prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorder in children is now 1 in 68 (2014). This translates to an increase in the presence of students on the Autism Spectrum in the classroom; as educators out in the field, this information may not come as a surprise. However, many teacher education programs do not properly prepare educators for the experience of educating an Autistic student, nor how to handle behavioral issues when they occur. That is where we come in.

For those unfamiliar with Applied Behavior Analysis, it can be best explained as an empirical and evidence based method of observing and recording behavior in an effort to change and shape problem behaviors. This is essential to allow students on the Autism Spectrum to thrive in the classroom, and ensuring these students hopefully find themselves in the least restrictive environment. Collectively, we can do our best to shift the perspective on treatment of students with Autism in the classroom.



AFF Akademy works with school districts across the New York City to provide Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy, behavior support services and educational consultation services for children with autism and other developmental disorders. We understand that the school staff and our clinical staff must work closely together to help children reach their full potential.

AFF Akademy offers the highest quality of intensive, research-based behavioral treatment and provides school districts the staff training, consulting and programming necessary for high-quality, consistent teaching and behavioral intervention.

Positive Behavior Support Plans are developed and monitored under the direction of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) or a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA) and implemented by a team that includes certified special education teachers, paraprofessionals and Registered Behavior Technicians and other professionals dedicated to students’ academic and behavioral gains.

AFF Akademy offers school districts the following:

  • Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) and Functional Analysis (FA)
  • Positive Behavior Support Plans
  • Registered Behavior Technicians
  • Staff trained by the Crisis Prevention Institute to safely manage behaviors (upon request)
  • Behavior support to IEP teams and classroom teachers
  • IEP goal development
  • Classroom-based consultation
  • Social skills programs and groups (using Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking approach to help students learn the nuances of social communication and interaction)
  • Assistance with the setup of ABA Verbal-Behavior (VB) Classrooms
  • Parent and family training (when requested)
  • Intensive toilet training programs
  • ABA evaluations
  • Behavior Analyst (BCBA) consultation and program supervision for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) programs, using the Verbal Behavior (VB) approach


In addition to providing consultative and direct one-on-one support for students, AFF Akademy provides professional development workshops and on site training programs to teachers, paraprofessionals and instructional assistants on several topics relevant to working in both the regular education and special education environment. Our training and workshop series is designed to help school district personnel at all levels learn more about autism and successful treatment methods.

Many school districts we work with use their staff development days to take advantage of these training workshops and schedule a series of training dates each year. From a general overview of autism and ABA to more advanced subject matter like dealing with self-injurious behavior, these trainings have something to offer your staff at all different levels of experience.

Professional development workshops and on-site training programs include the following types of skill development :

  • Developing Measurable IEP Goals and Corresponding Data-Collection Tools
  • Data Collection (Do’s and Don’ts)
  • Managing Challenging Behavior in the Classroom Settings
  • How to Conduct Meaningful FBA’s
  • Motivating and Engaging Students in the Classroom Setting: Everyday Strategies
  • Data-Driven Decision Making Using
  • “Social Thinking” and “The Hidden Curriculum”
  • Emotional Disturbance and Acting Out Behavior: from FBA to Positive Behavior
  • Support Plan
  • Responding to Angry Students: How To De-escalate Yourself and the Student
  • Understanding and Supporting Students with Autism in the Regular Education Classroom


clinical team


AFF Clinical Team is all BACB certified! Our professionals include BCBAs (Board Certified Behavior Analysts), BCaBAs (Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst) and RBTs (Registered Behavior Technicians). All clinicians are NY State Licensed, Professionally insured, and compliant with Continued Ed Requirements.


Let us know how we can help you today, or send us a message if you are interested in becoming BACB, BCaBAs and RBTs certified.